Policy Script Tutorial

This tutorial describes the syntax used in the policy script, analyzes the default PureMessage policy script, and shows examples of common policy script modifications.

PureMessage filters email according to the configuration contained in the policy script (policy.siv, located by default in the directory /opt/pmx6/etc). The policy script can be modified via the PureMessage Manager, or can be edited with standard text editing programs such as vi.

Refer to the pmx-policy manpage for the policy command reference. Refer to “Policy Configuration” in the PureMessage User Guide for a general overview of the PureMessage policy, and links to the PureMessage Manager interface for modifying policies.

For information about specific PureMessage policy tests and actions, see the pmx-policy man page.

Sieve is a language used for filtering email messages. It is a multi-vendor effort, and has been proposed as a standard to the Internet Engineering Task Force. PureMessage makes use of Sieve for filtering email via policies. Filter parameters are stored in the file policy.siv, located by default in the /opt/pmx6/etc directory. For information about manually modifying the Sieve code in the policy.siv file, see the pmx-policy man page.