Adding a Disclaimer

Many corporate sites require that all outgoing email have a legal disclaimer attached. PureMessage centralizes this action at the mail gateway.

# Add a disclaimer filter.
   # Adds "banner.txt" file content to the message body.
   # Only detect outgoing mail.
   if pmx_relay :memberof "internal-hosts" {
   pmx_add_banner :body :use_html_pre :file "banner.txt";


  • If the pmx_relay test finds the message originated from a relay defined in the “internal-hosts” list:
    • The pmx_add_banner action adds the contents of the banner.txt file to the body of the message. For HTML messages, this command wraps the file in <pre> tags, making the banner look more like plain text. If the message does not contain any text, the banner is added as an attachment to the end of the message.

Where does this filter go?

The “add a disclaimer” filter should be placed before the filter in “Policy Script 1: Scan and Deliver Internal Messages” and directly after the pmx_test_mark action. Positioning the “add a disclaimer” filter at this point ensures that:

  • The “add a disclaimer” filter always executes on all outgoing mail. (A stop command from another filter will not prevent it from executing.)
  • Subsequent spam and virus filters will always execute. (The “add a disclaimer” filter does not contain a stop command that would otherwise end the policy script before spam and virus filters execute.)