Policy actions can modify the routing or content of a message. Possible actions include: keep; (deliver message), reject; (reject message), and pmx_quarantine; (quarantine message). Actions always end with a semicolon. Semicolons delimit when an action ends.

Generic Example:
Policy Script Example:

Action Modifiers

Action modifiers are optional parameters that alter the outcome of a particular policy action. For example, the pmx_quarantine action modifier is a string argument that specifies the reason that PureMessage quarantined a message. Reasons could include 'Virus’, ’spam', or 'Attachment Over 100K'.

Generic Example:
action <action-modifier>;
Policy Script Example:
pmx_quarantine "Spam";
Note Not all PureMessage action modifiers are of type ’string'. See the pmx-policy manpage for a definitive list of all syntax parameters and action modifiers.