Tutorial: Groups Setup

PureMessage’s groups management features allow an organization’s global administrator to delegate administrative responsibility for certain groups of recipients or for specific domains. In this example, you will act as the global administrator for a university with two sub-domains, using the groups functionality to create groups and assign administrative roles to a variety of users within the institution. The institution in question will be known as Sophos University.

The university uses the following domains:

  • sophosu.example.com
  • business.sophosu.example.com
  • science.sophosu.example.com

The university has the following administrative roles and access rights:

  • Assistant Administrator: Full access rights for all domains
  • Business Administrator: Full access rights for business.sophosu.example.com
  • Science Administrator: Full access rights for science.sophosu.example.com
  • Helpdesk: Rights to allow and block lists for all domains
  • Human Resources Administrator: Rights to watch lists for all domains and limited quarantine search rights

To prepare the university to begin administering email with the groups model, the global administrator performs the following task in the order shown:

Important All of the tasks described below must be performed on the central server (CSM).