Other Log File Syntax

Unlike message_log, pmx_log does not present each message as a one line summary but rather records debug, info, notice, warning and error messages from the pmx-milter process. The verbosity of this log is controlled by the debug_level setting in pmx.conf. The default debug_level is 0, which causes all log messages with “DEBUG” priority to be suppressed. Greater values (to a maximum of 9) increase the amount of information sent to pmx_log.

When debugging problems with PureMessage or looking for specific policy tests and actions, it is useful to have the debug_level set to at least 5. As this creates a very verbose log, change the debug_level back to 0 when finished troubleshooting or configure logrotate to rotate pmx_log frequently.

More information on using logrotate to manage PureMessage logs can be found in the “Rotating PureMessage Log Files” section of Installing PureMessage for UNIX.