Logs and Reports

This section describes the management of the log files that register activities and the activities that are logged. It also covers generation of reports that are drawn, in part, from this data.

PureMessage provides a variety of reports on performance, operations, and message-processing statistics as graphs and tables that can be scheduled for automatic generation and emailed to one or more specified recipients, as well as exported in CSV format for use in other applications. All of this can be done from the PureMessage Manager, although it can also be run from the command line.

Reports data is gathered from a variety of system and PureMessage log files and stored in the PostgreSQL database. The tasks that draw reports data from the logs and enter it into the database can be run as scheduled jobs that are enabled by default.

Log files can also be analyzed for security purposes, and PureMessage provides two features for this purpose. The Log Watch feature scans the PureMessage message log and reports on anomalies. The Log Monitor feature scans the message_log for specified entries and generates log entries of its own that can subsequently be analyzed and to which PureMessage can automatically react.