Applying Policies to the Contents of the Quarantine

After changing the policy configuration, process the contents of the quarantine using the new configuration. This can only be done using the command-line pmx-policy program, not the PureMessage Manager.

The relevant commands and arguments for the pmx-policy program are as follows:

  • qinject : "Injects" the messages in the quarantine into the policy engine.
  • --dry-run : The "test" switch; the original messages are not delivered, discarded, or deleted from the quarantine.
  • --delete : Deletes the original message from the quarantine.
  • --where : Specifies which messages in the quarantine should be processed.

For example, to test the spam messages in the quarantine, use the following command:

pmx-policy qinject --dry-run --where "any m_reason == ’spam'"

To do a "live" run of the policy against all messages in the quarantine with a content type that starts with text/, enter:

pmx-policy qinject --delete --where "c_content_type like 'text/%'"

For a complete description of the syntax for the --where switch, enter perldoc PureMessage::MessageStore on the command line.