Part One: Internal Hosts

The first part of the policy script handles messages from internal hosts. The Manager screen shot indicates where to edit internal host rules and actions within PureMessage. A step-by-step description of this part of the policy is provided below.


Before PureMessage runs its tests and actions for internal hosts, a mark is added to the message log for both incoming and outgoing messages so that it is possible to search by subject when using the log search feature of the Groups Web Interface.

  • If the message originated from a relay defined in the Internal Hosts list:
    • A mark is added to the message log to enable Perimeter Protection to distinguish outgoing messages from internal hosts.
  • If the message contains unscannable data:
    • A header is added to the message indicating that the message could not be scanned and that it may contain a virus.
    • A mark is added to the message log indicating that the message was unscannable.
    • Message processing stops.
  • If the message contains a virus:
    • The message is rejected with the reason "One or more viruses were detected in the message".
    • Message processing stops.