Policy Overview

Policies provide the filtering definition for your PureMessage installation. Policies consist of rules; rules consist of tests and actions. As messages pass through the policy, rules are executed on the message in the order of their configuration. Each rule can have a “stop” action, which prevents the message from being processed any further.

Configure policies on the Policy tab of the PureMessage Manager, or by using the pmx-policy command-line program. Before editing a policy, it is strongly recommended that you back up the current policy.

Note The policy.siv script is never automatically updated, but you can update it manually. If you want to update a modified policy.siv script, first back it up, then run the following command:
pmx-policy integ --regen

This command generates a new default policy based on the latest policy template. To restore your modifications, you should run a diff between the backed up, modified version and the regenerated version, and you must then manually paste in the changes that you want to preserve.