Tests define the characteristics of the message that must be matched in order for the action to be executed. Multiple tests can be configured within a single rule. See the “About Tests” in the Manager Reference, or the pmx-policy man page, for a list of tests. To see which modules are licensed on your system, see the View Licensed Components page on the Support tab of the PureMessage Manager.

The components of a test are:

  • Message Characteristic: Specifies the component of the message that is being tested, such as the number of attachments or the percentage of 8-bit characters.
  • Operator: Defines the comparison between the specified message characteristic and the specified test expression. For example, if the message characteristic being analyzed is the number of attachments, the operator specifies a numerical test, such as "Is over" or "Is under".
  • Test Expressions: Specifies the value that is compared to the message characteristic.