Backing Up and Reverting Policies

Before altering the policy configuration, Sophos recommends making a backup of the current policy that you can revert to if necessary. In addition, policy backups allow you to create a number of different policies, and then experiment to determine which produces the best results.

The PureMessage Manager provides an interface for backing up, restoring and comparing policies. You can also create a backup from the command line by making a copy of the /opt/pmx6/etc/policy.siv file.

Reverting to the Default Policy Script

To recover the default policy.siv script, run the following command as the PureMessage user (“pmx6” by default).

pmx-policy integ --regen

This command saves the current policy.siv file to a backup file named .policy.siv.bak<timestamp>, and regenerates the default policy.siv file. The milter must be restarted using the pmx-restart command to activate the new version of policy.siv. The backup file is displayed in the Backups section of the PureMessage Manager’s Policy tab.