About Anti-Spam Rules

The PureMessage anti-spam rules are displayed on the Anti-Spam Rules page of the PureMessage Manager. Default rules and scores are stored in the etc/data/antispam directory (in binary files), beneath the PureMessage installation directory. Site-specific custom rules are stored in the etc/spam.d directory.

Anti-spam rules consist of a test definition and a "weight". If the test matches the message, the corresponding weight is added to the message’s total spam score. Generally, multiple rules must be triggered by a message in order to result in a spam score high enough for an action to be taken by the policy filter.

Note Anti-spam rules cannot be used to check message attachments for viruses. This must be done via virus detection.

The PureMessage development team constantly analyzes emerging spam techniques and updates the PureMessage anti-spam rule set accordingly. See Check For Updates in the PureMessage Manager Reference for information about installing updates.

Help Sophos in its continuous efforts to improve the accuracy of spam heuristics by forwarding misidentified items as attachments to: