Centralizing Quarantine Digests

In multi-server deployments with a central server and one or more edge servers, digests are, by default, sent from individual edge servers to end users. In this configuration, end users receive a digest from each edge server that has quarantined messages addressed to the end user.

Alternatively, if you have configured a Centralized Quarantine using PostgreSQL, digests can be generated from a single server. In this configuration, end users receive a single digest from a single server that includes their quarantined messages from all edge servers. Quarantine digests can be disabled (that is, removed from the Scheduler) on the remaining servers.

If the quarantine digests previously ran only on edge servers, the new centralized digest server must be configured. Configure the server as per the instructions in Digest Configuration, or copy the digest configuration (pmx-qdigest.conf, the digest-users list, and any customized digest templates) from an edge server.

To enable centralized digests, edit the pmx-qdigest.conf configuration file and change the centralized option to “true” and run the command:

pmx-qdigest-init --central

The pmx-qdigest-init utility initializes centralized digest storage. When the pmx-qdigest scheduled job is next run, messages quarantined since the last local digest was sent will be included. This utility must be run on each edge server that previously generated local digests.