Digest Configuration

General digest configuration includes:

  • Approval Address: Specifies the sendmail alias that is used for message approvals (by default, pmx-auto-approve@yourdomain.com). If you are using a version of sendmail other than the one distributed with PureMessage, you must manually add this alias. See “Configuring an Existing Sendmail Installation” in the PureMessage Installation Guide for instructions.
  • Digest Expiry: When the pmx-qdigest-expire program is run, it checks the digest expiry setting and deletes digests older than the specified number of days.

A digest configuration includes the following components:

  • Digest Template: Digests are generated according to the contents of a template file. Template files must be located in the etc directory, beneath the PureMessage installation directory. Templates can be modified as required. For guidelines regarding custom digest templates, including available template variables and digest fields, see the pmx-qdigest man page.
  • Reason: When a message is quarantined, the quarantine record contains the reason the message was not delivered, such as “spam” or “virus”. Digests are generated for messages that match the specified reason.
  • Address List: Digests are associated with lists of users (by default, the Quarantine digest users list). Custom lists of users can be configured; the ID code for custom digest lists must begin with the word “digest”.