Generating Quarantine Digests

Three programs are used to generate and administer quarantine digests. They are: pmx-qdigest, pmx-qdigest-approve and pmx-qdigest-expire. These programs are run automatically as scheduled jobs. See “Scheduling Digest Tasks” for the recommended settings for the scheduled jobs.

These scheduled jobs are used to automatically perform the following tasks:

  • Generate Digests: The pmx-qdigest program analyzes quarantined messages and generates quarantine digests. It functions according to the configuration in the pmx-qdigest.conf configuration file; pmx-qdigest.conf settings can be manually edited, or administered on the Digest Rules page on the Quarantine tab in the PureMessage Manager. pmx-qdigest generates an email for each configured user that lists all the messages in the quarantine that were intended for that user.
  • End User Release Requests: When users receive digests, they can release messages from the quarantine by replying to the digest. To release a specific message from the quarantine, users must click on the message’s ID, which generates a reply email containing the message ID. To release all messages listed in the digest, users must reply to the digest message.
  • Process End User Release Requests: The pmx-qdigest-approve program responds to release requests from end users. When an end user requests delivery of a message in the quarantine, pmx-qdigest-approve releases the message and queues it for delivery.
  • Expire Pending Digests: PureMessage stores a record of each quarantine digest. When an end user requests the release of a message, pmx-qdigest-approve validates the release request against the archived digest records. Periodically, (by default, every 5 days) the digest archive should be cleared. The pmx-qdigest-expire program clears archived digest records.
Note Some email clients (such as Microsoft Outlook) have built-in message filtering that can be optionally enabled by the end user. These filters can result in quarantine digests being filtered by the end user’s email client. Users can either disable their local mail client filter, or can adjust the filter to exclude PureMessage quarantine digests. See “Exempting Digests from Local Filters” for instructions on the latter.