Scheduling Automatic Quarantine Tasks

A number of automatic quarantine management tasks can be run as scheduled jobs. Some of these can be installed and configured during the PureMessage installation. Others, including the Quarantine Digest tasks, can be manually configured.

  • Index Quarantined Messages: (pmx-qindex) To speed up message sorting and retrieval, this task indexes new messages in the quarantine.
  • Expire Quarantined Messages: (pmx-qexpire) Delete or archive messages in the quarantine that are older than the specified number of days and hours.

Default quarantine digest Scheduler jobs are created (in a disabled state) during the PureMessage installation. These tasks can be configured and enabled on the command line by using pmx-scheduler, or the scheduled jobs section on the Local Services tab in the PureMessage Manager.

The programs scheduled to run automatically are described individually in “Generating Quarantine Digests”.