Configuring Http/Https Access

By default, end users connect to the End User Web Interface (EUWI) over an https connection on port 28443. Optionally, you can configure PureMessage to permit unsecured EUWI access over http on port 28080 as well.

To allow EUWI access via both http and https:

At the command line, as the “pmx6” user, run the following command:

ln -sf /opt/pmx6/etc/manager/httpd2/ssl/default.conf /opt/pmx6/etc/manager/httpd2/ssl.conf

To reset to the default, https only, run the following command:

ln -sf /opt/pmx6/etc/manager/httpd2/ssl/http.conf /opt/pmx6/etc/manager/httpd2/ssl.conf
Note The setting that you specify will also be used to access the Groups Web Interface on the same server.