Changing the Quarantine indexing database

PureMessage uses a database to index fields from quarantined messages to enable faster searching. If you are changing or upgrading your PureMessage installation, you may wish to change the database used for this quarantine data for reasons outlined in Quarantine Indexing.

To change from PostgreSQL to CDB:

pmx-database stop
pmx-quarantine reindex --index-type=(bdb or cdb)
pmx-config quarantine_type dir

Remove the pmx_db line from pmx.conf (located by default in /opt/pmx6/etc), then run pmx-qmeta-index or allow it to run automatically from the Scheduler. For more information, see the Local Services Tab section of the Manager Reference.

To change from CDB to PostgreSQL:

Run the pmx-postgres-enable script as the “pmx6” user.

After PostgreSQL is configured, use the following procedure to transfer the current quarantine data to the PostgreSQL database. Note that it takes approximately one hour to index 125,000 messages.

  1. Disable the pmx-qmeta-index scheduled service.
  2. Kill any running pmx-qmeta-index services.
  3. While logged in as the pmx user (by default, “pmx6”), enter pmx-quarantine reindex. When reindexing is complete, enter pmx-qmeta-index.
  4. Re-enable the pmx-qmeta-index scheduled service.