Consolidating Quarantined Messages from Multiple Servers

It is possible to consolidate the quarantined messages from multiple PureMessage servers on one server, allowing you to administer all quarantined messages from a single location.

Note If you configure a consolidated quarantine in conjunction with quarantine digests, a single digest is generated for each end user, rather than separate digests from each of the quarantines.

To consolidate quarantined messages, you must be able to log on to the server where messages are to be stored from the machine(s) where the messages are originally quarantined via a secure shell, as the PureMessage user (by default “pmx6”).

Run the following command to export quarantined messages from one of your PureMessage servers to the server where the messages will be consolidated:

pmx-qindex; PMX_MESSAGE_STORE=dir:/opt/pmx6/var/qdir pmx-store-export --importer\
   ’ssh pmx@ConsolidatedQuarantineServer PMX_MESSAGE_STORE=dir:/opt/pmx6/var/qdir\
   /opt/pmx6/bin/pmx-store-import -';rm -f /opt/pmx6/var/qdir/cur/index_log

The above command assumes that you accepted the default username (pmx6) and default installation directory (/opt/pmx6) when you installed PureMessage on the machine that will store the quarantined messages.

To automate the consolidation of quarantined messages, add the above command as a scheduled job. You must configure the “pmx6” user to log on to the consolidated quarantine server without manual intervention. Therefore, you will have to configure SSH keys on both the consolidation server and the servers where the messages are first quarantined. See the SSH documentation for detailed instructions.

Be sure to include the final portion of the command (rm -f /opt/pmx6/var/qdir/cur/index_log). This prevents the index_log file from growing and consuming excessive disk space.

The pmx-qmeta-index scheduled job should be disabled on all servers, except the server where messages are consolidated (see “Managing Scheduled Jobs” for more information).