Quarantine Directories and Files


During installation, PureMessage creates a directory structure for storing quarantined messages. This structure is created, by default, in the var/qdir directory beneath the PureMessage installation directory. Subdirectories are created beneath the qdir directory to store messages as they pass through various stages of quarantine processing.

  • var/qdir/counters: Uses a series of files to keep a count of the various actions performed by quarantine utilities.
  • var/qdir/tmp: Stores messages while they are processed by the policy engine.
  • var/qdir/cur: When the pmx-qman command-line Quarantine Manager, or the graphical Quarantine Manager is invoked, messages in the var/qdir/new directory are indexed and moved to the var/qdir/cur directory.
  • var/qdir/sent: Stores messages that have been approved and delivered to the intended recipient.
  • var/qdir/test: Stores messages generated by the pmx-test command-line program or the Policy Test function in the Manager.
  • var/qdir/trash: Stores messages that have been deleted using the pmx-qman command-line Quarantine Manager, or the graphical quarantine manager. This directory is not created until messages are deleted.

Numbered Message Directories

Once quarantined messages are indexed, they are stored in the cur directory as individual files with numeric filenames equivalent to the message’s Quarantine ID. Under the cur directory are a series of numbered directories. Each numbered directory stores the individual message files with corresponding numeric data. The first directory describes the number of digits in the filename. The next directory describes the first number (or series of numbers) in the filename. The following list illustrates where messages are stored:

4/1/1000 ... 1999
4/2/2000 ... 2999
4/9/9000 ... 9999
5/10/10000 ... 10999
5/11/11000 ... 11999
5/99/99000 ... 99999
9/999/999/999999000 ... 999999999

A message with filename 1234, for example, is stored in the 4/1/ subdirectory. A message with filename 57453 is stored in the 5/57/ subdirectory.