Managing Quarantined Messages

Quarantined messages are managed using either the pmx-qman command-line program or the graphical Quarantine Manager. Either interface can be used to search for quarantined messages, and to perform various tasks with those messages.

  • Approving Quarantined Messages: When a message is approved, it is forwarded to the intended recipient and moved to the var/qdir/sent directory. (Alternatively, users can approve their own messages through the use of Quarantine Digests or the End User Web Interface.)
  • Forwarding Quarantined Messages: When a message is forwarded, it remains in the quarantine but is also sent to the specified recipient.
  • Deleting Quarantined Messages: Messages in the quarantine can be “deleted” using the quarantine management interface. This removes them from the var/qdir/cur directory and moves them to the var/qdir/trash directory. These messages are still part of the quarantine, although they are not displayed during quarantine searches (or included in quarantine digests). To permanently delete or archive messages in the quarantine, see “Expiring Quarantined Messages”.
  • Saving Quarantined Messages: When a message is saved, you are prompted to supply a file location. The message is exported as an “.mbox” file. The original message remains in the quarantine.