Quarantine Administration

This section describes management of the PureMessage quarantine, a temporary holding place for messages that are deemed potentially problematic by the PureMessage policy. Quarantined messages can then be reviewed, and released or deleted.

Policy settings determine which messages are quarantined. For example, rules can be configured to quarantine messages if their spam probability exceeds a certain level.

Quarantined messages are managed using either the pmx-qman command-line program or the graphical Quarantine Manager. Depending on PureMessage installation options, end users can manage their own quarantined messages using the End User Web Interface.

Note You can also view and manage the quarantine using the options available via the Search tab of the PureMessage Groups Web Interface. Although it is primarily used to delegate tasks under the group administration model, the Groups Web Interface can be configured as a quarantine manager. You might consider this alternative if you want to take advantage of some of the special search features available only in the Groups Web Interface, and you are comfortable managing PureMessage with multiple interfaces. See the “Administrative Groups” section of the Administrator’s Reference for more information.

Quarantine Digests alert recipients that messages have been quarantined. By replying to digests, users can release their messages from the quarantine.

This section includes descriptions of operations that can only be done from the command line. It also describes a number of scheduled quarantine-related tasks.