Default Publications

This page lists the configuration files and resources that are included in each of the default publications.

PureMessage-Database-Config Publication

The PureMessage-Database-Config publication contains the shared configuration files for PureMessage databases.

  • pmx.d/pmdb.conf (configuration file)

Anti-Virus-Conf Publication

The Anti-Virus-Conf publication contains general configuration files for anti-virus scanning.

  • virus.conf (configuration file)
  • templates/<language>/virus.d/cantclean.tmpl (message template for uncleanable viruses)
  • templates/<language>/virus.d/cantscan.tmpl (message template for unscannable messages)
  • virus.d/cantscan.conf (configuration file for unscannable messages)

Sophos-Anti-Virus-Conf Publication

The name of the anti-virus publication is Sophos-Anti-Virus-Conf. This publication contains sophos.conf, the associated configuration file for the anti-virus engine.

Anti-Spam-Config Publication

The Anti-Spam-Config publication contains the configuration files that determine anti-spam functionality.

  • offensive-words (list)
  • trusted-relays (list)
  • spam.conf (configuration file)
  • spam.d/net.conf (configuration file)
  • spam.d/dnsbl.conf (configuration file)
  • spam.d/spamassassin.conf (configuration file)
  • spam.d/re.rules (custom rules)
  • spam.d/db.force (alterations to rule weights and enabled state)
  • spam.d/db.pdelta (rule probabilities)
  • spam.d/compile.d/compiler.conf (general rule compiler configuration)
  • spam.d/compile.d/destination.conf (Known Spam Destinations feature group configuration)
  • spam.d/compile.d/heuristic.conf (Heuristic Analysis feature group configuration)
  • spam.d/compile.d/sender.conf (Sender Reputation feature group configuration)
  • spam.d/compile.d/site.conf (Site Features feature group configuration)

Policy Publication

The Policy publication contains the policy script and the most commonly used lists and maps.

  • policy.siv (policy script)
  • internal-hosts (list)
  • whitelisted-hosts (list)
  • whitelisted-senders (list)
  • blacklisted-hosts (list)
  • blacklisted-senders (list)

DomainKeys-Identified-Mail Publication

The DomainKeys-Identified-Mail publication contains the dkim.conf configuration file, which specifies the required signing options, and the location of the private key that is used to create the DKIM signature.

  • /opt/pmx6/etc/dkim.conf (configuration file)