Server Groups Management

This section describes the command-line programs and configuration files used to set up and manage multi-server PureMessage deployments. Server Groups make it possible to manage multi-server deployments from a single server, the Centralized Server Manager (CSM).

PureMessage Server Groups provide a convenient method for sharing and synchronizing configuration settings between hosts in a multi-server PureMessage deployment. Server Groups functionality is available via the PureMessage Manager, although a list of the configuration files and other resources included in each publication is shown in the Default Publications section.

  • /opt/pmx6/bin/pmx-service : An interface for PureMessage services running on remote servers.
  • /opt/pmx6/bin/pmx-share : Synchronizes PureMessage configuration files with other PureMessage hosts.
  • /opt/pmx6/bin/pmx-resources-init : Initializes the resources system.
  • /opt/pmx6/bin/pmx-profile : Synchronizes resources with other PureMessage hosts.

    Related Configuration Files

    • /opt/pmx6/etc/servergroups.conf : Contains the list of PureMessage hosts that are subscribed to configuration publications.
    • /opt/pmx6/etc/publications.conf : Lists the configuration files that are published to subscribed hosts. This file should be set using the pmx-share program.