End User Web Interface

The PureMessage End User Web Interface (EUWI) allows end users access to any of their quarantined messages. This service can be enabled or disabled, and a range of capabilities can be set, allowing end users very limited or more extensive options.

  • /opt/pmx6/bin/pmx-httpd : The End User Web Interface service control program.
  • /opt/pmx6/bin/pmx-rpc-enduser : Used to query and test the End User Web Interface.

    Related Configuration Files

    • /opt/pmx6/etc/enduser/auth.d/ldap.conf : Configures the interface for authenticating the end user via LDAP.
    • /opt/pmx6/etc/utf8.conf : Allows you to enable support for UTF-8 encoding of East Asian languages. This support affects the Quarantine Search Results page and the Quarantine Message Details page in the End User Web Interface.