Administrator’s Reference

The Administrator’s Reference provides an in-depth examination of PureMessage. PureMessage began as a Unix-based, command-line mail filtering tool, and it still retains many aspects of its origins.

This guide has three purposes:

  • It stands as an introduction for Unix administrators who prefer to work from the command line.
  • It is a guide to the advanced configuration and management of PureMessage, which often must be done at the command line.
  • It provides troubleshooting techniques that require you to work at the command line.

The Administrator’s Reference assumes that you have a basic familiarity with Unix, including the Unix file system, Unix editors, and the general workings of Unix-based client-server applications.

Although this reference contains detailed explanations of the command line applications, configuration files, and log files associated with PureMessage, you can often find greater detail in the PureMessage man pages, which are accessed using the man command as the pmx6 user in the form:

man <program_name>

Where <program_name> is the name of the program whose documentation you want to view.