Gathering User Feedback

User feedback is gathered to determine the effectiveness of the policy configuration, in particular the accuracy of spam detection. See the “Configuration and Tuning” section of this guide. for information about applying changes based on user feedback. User feedback options vary according to the implementation scenario and stage of deployment. For example, if you have not yet implemented Quarantine Digests, that aspect of user feedback does not apply.

  • Reporting Mailboxes: Create a mailbox called "is-spam" and another called "not-spam". Instruct users to forward mis-classified messages to these mailboxes for the purpose of analysis and anti-spam rule tuning. For example, when users receive a message they think should have been classified as spam, they should forward the message to the "is-spam" mailbox. Conversely, when users receive a quarantine digest that contains a legitimate message, they should release the message from the quarantine, and then forward the message to the "not-spam" mailbox. (To preserve the original message headers, instruct users to forward messages as attachments, rather than using their mail client’s "Forward" function.)
  • Quarantine Analysis: Use the Quarantine tab of the PureMessage Manager to analyze messages that have been identified as spam. This analysis can be used to exempt legitimate senders from spam scanning via whitelisting, to automatically quarantine illegitimate senders via blacklisting, and to determine common spam characteristics that can be addressed via anti-spam rule modifications.