Tarball Distribution

PureMessage tarballs are located in the tarball directory on the PureMessage download server (pmx.sophos.com). Use a file transfer utility, such as wget, to download the tarball. Log in as the PureMessage user, and extract the tarball into a temporary directory before proceeding.

Downloading and Extracting the Tarball

  1. Log in as the PureMessage user ('pmx', by default).
  2. Change to your system’s temporary directory:
    cd /tmp
    Note You must extract the tarball into a directory where the PureMessage user has read and execute permissions (such as /tmp), or explicitly grant permissions after extracting the tarball.
  3. From the Sophos website, retrieve the PureMessage version that matches your platform:
    wget pmx-static2.sophos.com/tarball/pmxrepo-version-platform.tar
  4. Ensure that the ownership of this file is set to pmx for the both the user and the group.
  5. Extract the contents of the tarball:
    tar -xvf pmxrepo-version-platform.tar
  6. If you are installing PureMessage, copy the installation script that Sophos sent to you via email to the same directory where you extracted the tarball (for example, /tmp).

Installing or Upgrading PureMessage from a Tarball

Once the tarball has been extracted according to the instructions shown above, choose the instructions that match your upgrade scenario:

  • PureMessage Installation” (if you are installing PureMessage from a tarball).
  • “Upgrading to PureMessage 5.6.1 from a Tarball Distribution.”
  • The PureMessage 6 Installation” instructions in “Upgrading to PureMessage 6 from a Tarball Distribution” (if you are upgrading from 5.6.1 to the latest version of PureMessage).

Following an installation or upgrade, you must reconfigure PureMessage so that it retrieves future updates and upgrades from the correct Sophos repository.

  1. Once the tarball installation or upgrade has completed, return to the main menu of the installer.
  2. Select Upgrade PureMessage Components, then select Change Repository.
  3. In the Change Repository text box, enter:
    Version 5.x :
    Version 6 :
  4. Select OK, and press Enter .
  5. Select Return to the main menu, and then Exit the installer.