Configuring End User Web Interface Authentication

If you selected the End User Web Interface/Groups Web Interface role during PureMessage installation, you may want to reset the method for authenticating EUWI access. The following methods are available:

Email Session Authentication (Default)

This is the default authentication method. End users are prompted for their username and email address on their first visit. An automatically generated session ID key is emailed to the user as his or her password.

Flat-File Authentication

This optional method uses a flat-file database (a plain text file in a specific format, which can be encrypted) to store usernames and passwords. This method requires that the PureMessage administrator add all the usernames and their initial passwords to the sample end user password file, and then email the end users to notify them of their passwords.

LDAP Authentication

This optional method allows you to use an existing LDAP directory, such as Active Directory, Sun ONE Directory Server 5.2, or OpenLDAP, as the source for end user authentication.