Post-Installation Testing

After installing PureMessage, you can test and validate many PureMessage functions without interrupting mail flow. Testing options are described in the sections that follow. See “Testing PureMessage Operations” in the Installation Guide for more information.

Stages of Deployment

In most cases, PureMessage is deployed in four stages:

  • Stage 1: Server Setup
  • Stage 2: Message Handling
  • Stage 3: Collect and Analyze User Feedback
  • Stage 4: Tuning

The initial stage does not route any live mail through PureMessage, which allows for offline testing and validation of the installation. The next stage routes live mail through PureMessage, but does not prevent the delivery of any messages (thus preventing disruption of mail delivery but allowing testing with live messages for the purpose of verifying policy configuration). The latter stages involve quarantining messages, implementing quarantine digests for user notification and ongoing tuning.