In a fully deployed PureMessage installation, end users do not receive any quarantined messages. Rather, PureMessage generates Quarantine Digests that list the quarantined messages. Users can release messages from the quarantine by clicking on the desired message. See “Quarantine Digests” in the Quarantine Management section of the Administrator’s Reference for more information.

  • Server Setup: Use a live server to relay live traffic to the full mail domain.
  • Message Handling: Modify the policy script to quarantine messages above a certain spam threshold.
  • User Feedback: Implement Quarantine Digests so users can see which messages have been quarantined and release the messages they want to receive. As described in the “Message Handling Options” section of the Quick Reference Guide, users can submit mis-classified messages to the "is-spam" and "not-spam" accounts.
  • Tuning: On an ongoing basis, tune spam detection based on user feedback and quarantine analysis.