Testing with a Sub-Group of Users

This scenario describes enlisting a small group of users to test PureMessage with live traffic. The default PureMessage policy does not prevent any messages from being delivered. Therefore, this stage of testing does not disrupt the mail flow.

  • Server Setup: Create a test domain to run a live test. Route a select group of real user mailboxes to the test server.
  • Message Handling: By default, the PureMessage policy adds a custom message header to all messages with a spam probability. This message header also records the anti-spam rules that were triggered by the message. Messages with a probability greater than 50% are copied to the quarantine, in addition to being delivered to the original recipient. See “Message Handling Options” in the Quick Reference Guide for more information.
  • User Feedback: Create mailboxes for collecting mis-classified messages. Analyze the messages submitted to these mailboxes. See “Gathering User Feedback” for more information.
  • Tuning: Analyze messages forwarded to the mailboxes, tune PureMessage by using whitelists and blacklists to exempt messages from tests.