Other Prerequisites

Before installing PureMessage, ensure that you meet the following assorted requirements:


If you are using the PostgreSQL database included with PureMessage to index quarantine metadata, you may need to manually tune your system after installation. See “Tuning PostgreSQL for PureMessage in the Sophos Knowledgebase for more information.

For PureMessage deployments with high mail volume or a large number of end users, installing this component on a separate server with a fast SCSI disk array (other than RAID 5) is recommended.

Disk Space

The PureMessage installation requires approximately 500 MB of disk space. In addition, the quarantine and log files created during PureMessage operation require an indeterminate amount of disk space that depends on the volume of mail that is processed and/or quarantined. The log and quarantine directories, however, may be stored on a different partition from the one where PureMessage is installed. PureMessage does not support the sharing of files between servers via Network File System (NFS).

A Local Mailer

PureMessage requires a local mailer program (for example, Procmail (Linux) or /bin/mail (Solaris)). Local mailers (programs used by mail transfer agents to handle local mail delivery) are included with most UNIX distributions. Sendmail comes with its own local mailer, "mail.local", which can be used if the operating system does not provide one.

A Supported Browser for the PureMessage Manager

The PureMessage Manager web interface, the End User Web Interface (EUWI) and the Groups Web Interface support recent versions of Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Chrome.

A umask Setting of 0022 for the Root User

PureMessage assumes a umask setting of 0022 for the root user. If the umask on a PureMessage server is set to something more restrictive (for example, 0077), then installations and upgrades could fail. If your organization requires a umask setting other than 0022, you must switch to 0022 for the purpose of PureMessage installation and during all future upgrades.