PureMessage Command-Line Interface

PureMessage tasks can be performed at the command line using utility programs and configuration files. For example, pmx-policy is the command-line interface to the PureMessage policy engine; pmx-qman is used to access quarantined messages. The sophos.conf configuration file is used to specify options for the Sophos Anti-Virus engine. See the relevant section of the Administrator’s Reference for descriptions of these programs and hyperlinks to documentation for the individual programs.

“pmx” User

A PureMessage (“pmx6”) user is created by default during installation. The PureMessage user’s home directory is located beneath the PureMessage installation directory (by default, /opt/pmx6). The PureMessage user is configured to use a Bourne-compatible shell; this configuration must not be altered. The PureMessage user account runs PureMessage programs. You are prompted to specify a password for the PureMessage user during installation.