About PureMessage Mail Filtering

The PureMessage mail filter (pmx-milter) integrates with the mail transfer agent (MTA) layer of your email infrastructure (sendmail, Postfix, or Oracle Communications Messaging Exchange Server) to process messages. Filtering options are defined using a Sieve-based policy script (policy.siv) which specifies the order of various tests and actions to be performed on each message. The following list describes some of the configurable filtering tasks:

  • Check message content and attachments for known viruses and take specified actions.
  • Check messages for suspicious attachment types (such as executables) and take specified actions.
  • Identify messages that are spam and take specified actions.
  • Check messages for keywords or phrases and take specified actions.
  • Log and archive messages based on selective criteria.
  • Remove, replace, or add recipients based on selective criteria.
  • Add specific banners in the header or body of outgoing messages.
  • Annotate email message headers (for example, Subject) with various kinds of additional information.

Tasks can be applied differently to different users and groups within your organization, and can be flexibly ordered and combined to execute your desired email policy.