PureMessage Manager

The Manager is a web-based graphical user interface for managing and configuring PureMessage. Installed as part of each PureMessage role during installation, the Manager runs as the HTTPD (Manager) service.

The Manager uses Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) and is available through port 18080. To access the Manager, use the following URL, where <hostname> is the name of the host on which PureMessage is installed, and <domain> is your organization’s domain:


The Manager interface is organized into tabs that correspond to the key areas of PureMessage functionality:

  • Dashboard Tab: Offers a high-level diagnostic overview of the PureMessage system.
  • Policy Tab: Provides access to PureMessage policy rule configuration and information. The default page for this tab is the Rules page, which provides a graphical interface to the Sieve-based PureMessage policy. Click edit source to view and edit the Sieve code directly. This tab also displays all of the configured policy lists and maps. Lists and maps can be added, configured and tested from this tab.
  • Quarantine Tab: Provides information and management capabilities for the PureMessage quarantine, a temporary storage area for problem messages. Typically, quarantines are used for virus-infected messages that cannot be safely deleted automatically, or messages awaiting review by administrators or end users to determine if they are spam. This tab also has settings for quarantine digest rules and options, and End User Web Interface configuration features.
  • Reports Tab: A summary of essential reports data, including virus and spam statistics and system information. For each report, you can modify the graph format, report period, and the server(s) included. You can also export the report data to comma-separated values (CSV) format and configure an automated mailout for each report.
  • Local Services Tab: Provides summary information and management for PureMessage services.
  • Server Groups Tab: View the status of servers and manage server groups in multi-server installations.
  • Support Tab: Contains information about PureMessage licenses and support arrangements, as well as links to support resources and several general PureMessage management utilities.

For information about using the PureMessage Manager, see the Manager Reference.