Quick Reference Guide


PureMessage is an email-filtering program that analyzes email messages at the network gateway. PureMessage checks messages for characteristics that indicate “spam” (unsolicited bulk email), scans messages for viruses in conjunction with Sophos Anti-Virus, and can also check messages to ensure that corporate email adheres to an organization’s communication policy.

PureMessage processes mail in three main steps. (Functionality may vary, depending on the configuration.)

  1. The mail server passes a message to PureMessage: The mail server (sendmail, Postfix, Oracle Communications Messaging Exchange Server) passes email to PureMessage via PureMessage’s milter service.
  2. PureMessage applies the policy filter to the message: The policy script contains tests that check for viruses, spam indicators, or other message characteristics. The tests have associated actions that determine what happens to the message if the test returns true. Available actions include:
    • Delivery: Delivery actions can be configured to either deliver the message to the original recipient, redirect the message to other recipients, or remove and add recipients. The policy script can be configured to alter the original message, for example, by altering the subject line or adding a message header.
    • Quarantine: The policy script can be configured to quarantine the message if certain conditions are met (such as triggering a sufficient number of anti-spam rules). Quarantined messages are copied to the quarantine directory. Optionally, the original recipient may be notified that the message was quarantined via a quarantine digest.
  3. Quarantined messages are administered: End users can release desired messages from the quarantine by responding to quarantine digests or via the End User Web Interface (EUWI). Other messages are automatically archived or deleted from the quarantine using the pmx-qexpire program, which is configured by default during the installation to run as a scheduled job.

This document provides an overview of PureMessage. It introduces the major components of a PureMessage installation and explains how they work together to keep networks spam-free. For details about installing PureMessage, see the “Installation Guide”. For complete operation and configuration instructions, see the Manager Reference and the Administrator’s Reference.