PureMessage offers pre-defined reports that provide graphical or tabular data on key performance statistics. For example, you can produce reports on “Top Spam Senders”, “Quarantine Size” and “Memory Usage”. Reporting features are only available if the PostgreSQL database option was selected during installation.

Several PureMessage programs are used to populate certain database tables prior to initial use. Others consume report data from PureMessage log files and consolidate the data in the PostgreSQL database. There is also a program that automatically generates reports at scheduled intervals and emails them to the indicated recipients as specified in a scheduled job. The Installer or the Scheduler handles the configuration and compilation of most reports, but reports programs can also be run manually from the command line if necessary.

The Reports tab of the PureMessage Manager displays statistics for the currently selected report. There are drop-down lists for specifying the format and time-frame of a report.

For more about reports, see the “Reports” section of the Manager Reference.