PureMessage Services

PureMessage operates as a series of services. Background services such as HTTPD (Manager) and Milter (Policy) are activated when you start PureMessage. PureMessage also uses a set of scheduled jobs to perform a variety of administrative tasks at specified times. These jobs are controlled collectively by the Scheduler, which itself is a background service. The services are:

  • AntiVirus Service: The Sophos virus-scanning service. This service is enabled only when the Run As Service check box is selected in on the Anti-Virus Options page of the Policy tab.
  • HTTPD (RPC/UI): The web server and RPC services that make up the End User Web Interface and the Groups Web Interface.
  • IP Blocker Service: The PureMessage service that runs (if MTA level IP blocking is enabled). This blocks messages originating from IP addresses blacklisted by Sophos Labs and from senders that are otherwise deemed to be spammers, which can improve performance by blocking spam before it undergoes more complex testing via the PureMessage policy.
  • HTTPD (Manager): The web-based administrative interface to PureMessage.
  • Milter (Policy): The PureMessage component that interacts with sendmail or Postfix and runs the policy engine.
  • PostrgreSQL Service: The default relational database back end used for reporting and the PureMessage quarantine.
  • Queue Runner Service: The service that manages and flushes the PureMessage mail queue.
  • Scheduler Service: PureMessage relies on the execution of commands at specified intervals, which is handled by the PureMessage Scheduler Service.
  • Mail Transfer Agent (sendmail, Postfix, Oracle Communications Messaging Exchange Server): The service that runs the configured mail transfer agent.

Scheduled Jobs

Scheduled jobs, enabled and disabled collectively by the Scheduler Service, are PureMessage programs that run at set times to accomplish specific tasks. Preconfigured scheduled jobs are displayed in the Manager, and many are enabled by default. Clicking on the name of an individual job displays configurable time settings for that job. You can also add other PureMessage programs to the set of scheduled jobs.