Using the PureMessage Documentation

The PureMessage documentation is divided into four main sections: Getting Started Guide, Manager Reference, Administrator’s Reference, Appendices.

If you are new to PureMessage, it is recommended that you review the following sections of the documentation first:

  • Read the Quick Reference Guide to gain a basic understanding of the PureMessage components and their functionality.
  • Review the Deployment Strategies section to help you decide the best way to configure and test PureMessage in your environment.
  • See Installing PureMessage for instructions on using the PureMessage installer and various post-installation procedures.

Complete PureMessage documentation is available via the PureMessage Manager.

Note If you launch the documentation from the Manager, the documentation you are viewing is for your specific version of PureMessage.

Documentation is also available at the command line (explained below) and in PDF format. Click the desired link at the bottom of the table of contents pane of the online help to view/print a PDF in either US Letter or A4 format.

There are two ways to access PureMessage documentation from within the PureMessage Manager. The first is to click PureMessage User Guide on the Support tab. The second is to click the Help link that appears on the sidebar of each Manager page. Additional links on these pages provide access or other Manager Reference topics, and related information elsewhere in the documentation or on the internet.

The PureMessage documentation consists of the following main sections:

Getting Started Guide

This first section of the documentation is directed at administrators who are new to PureMessage. In addition to complete installation and upgrade instructions, it provides an overview of the product and its functionality, and outlines various deployment scenarios.

Manager Reference

The Manager Reference describes all of the essential administrative tools for configuring and operating PureMessage via its web-based interface. On occasion, if configuration by way of the Manager is not possible, command-line instructions are provided. This documentation begins with a section on Using the PureMessage Manager and is then organized according to the tabs in the PureMessage Manager user interface. The Manager tabs are:

  • Dashboard Tab
  • Policy Tab
  • Quarantine Tab
  • Reports Tab
  • Local Services Tab
  • Server Groups Tab
  • Support Tab

Administrator’s Reference

The Administrator’s Reference contains detailed information about key areas of PureMessage functionality such as the PureMessage Policy, the PureMessage Quarantine and PureMessage Services. The Administrator’s Reference also contains links to the PureMessageman pages. See the relevant section (for example, “Server Groups Management”) to view a list of links to related man pages.


The Appendices include tutorials and links to third-party documentation. In addition to general reference documentation, such as licensing information and Frequently Asked Questions, the appendices of the Administrator’s Reference contain frequently asked questions and a glossary of terms.

Command-Line Documentation

If you prefer to manage PureMessage via the command line, the documentation consists of man pages for each of the command-line programs as well as descriptions of the options available in the various PureMessage configuration files.

While logged in as the PureMessage user (by default, 'pmx6'), enter man <program_name>. For example, enter man pmx-license to display the licensing documentation.