Welcome to PureMessage for Unix

PureMessage for Unix is a highly effective email filtering system that analyzes email messages at the network gateway. It protects organizations against spam and viruses and enforces corporate communication policies.

PureMessage includes a powerful set of web-based configuration and reporting tools, automated updates, and scheduled jobs that minimize the administrator’s day-to-day involvement in gateway security. Administrators can manage multiple servers from a central location and, optionally, grant end users the ability to review quarantined messages themselves.

PureMessage self-adjusts its range of detection techniques as necessary to prevent protection failures. The software is automatically updated with the latest anti-virus definitions and spam rules created by SophosLabs analysts.

Automated tuning technology in PureMessage constantly balances a range of detection techniques to prevent detection failures. Sophos’s Genotype technology blocks families of spam campaigns and viruses, ensuring that organizations are protected against previously unseen threats, even before specific detection is available.

If necessary, administrators can create custom rules to augment the default PureMessage policy.

PureMessage works in conjunction with one of several supported mail transfer agents. Versions of sendmail and Postfix are bundled with the product, but PureMessage also supports Oracle Communications Messaging Exchange Server, Sendmail Switch, and other versions of sendmail and Postfix.