Managing the Anti-Virus Service

By default, the Sophos Anti-Virus back end is loaded by the PureMessage engine (Milter (Policy) service) directly. Sophos Anti-Virus will only appear as a separate service if you select the Run As Service option on the Policy: Anti-Virus Options page in the PureMessage Manager. This adds an AntiVirus Service item on both the Dashboard tab and the Local Services tab.

The status, the process ID, the number of scanner processes, connections, and the queued messages are displayed in the Details column. You can stop or start the service from this page. For additional information, click AntiVirus Service.

You can access a service-specific configuration page by clicking AntiVirus Service in the Background Services table, and then clicking Edit. The Anti-Virus Service page displays the following information in the Status table:

  • Status: Whether or not the service is running.
  • PID: The Unix/Linux Process ID.
  • Port: The port number used to communicate with the Anti-Virus service. By default, this is 18080.
  • Connections: The current number of connections to this service.
  • Queued: The number of messages queued for processing by the anti-virus service.
  • Scanners: The number of anti-virus scanners that are running.
Note You can also click Edit below the Status table to change the Anti-Virus Service options.

To manage the Anti-Virus Service: Click Start, Restart, or Stop to perform these actions. Only the actions that are currently available are displayed.