Managing the IP Blocker Service

The IP Blocker service rejects messages originating from IP addresses blacklisted by Sophos Labs. Enabling this option can improve performance by blocking spam before it reaches more complex tests in the policy.

Note Whether you choose to block IP addresses by enabling MTA-level IP blocking or by using the PureMessage policy, PureMessage requires that the IP Blocker Service be enabled.

The IP Blocker Service: Status page shows the following information in the Blocker Status table:

  • Status: Whether the service is running.
  • Summary: The PureMessage package name that provides this service and the port used to access it.
  • Config: Whether the configuration of this service is current.
  • Port: The port number used to communicate with this service.
  • PID: The Unix/Linux Process ID.

To manage the IP Blocker Service: Click Start, Restart, or Stop to perform these actions. Only currently available actions are displayed.