Managing the HTTPD (Manager) Service

The HTTPD (Manager) service provides the graphical user interface (GUI) for the PureMessage Manager. The HTTPD (Manager) service will only appear in the Background Services table if it has been installed. The status, the process ID, the port number (by default, 18080) are displayed. The Details column indicates whether SSL is enabled. For additional information, click HTTPD (Manager) to view the Manager Status page, which also shows the hostname on which this service is running, and the service’s health.

The Manager Status page displays the following information in the Manager Service table:

  • Status: Whether the service is running.
  • SSL: Whether the secure socket layer protocol is enabled.
  • Port: The port number used to communicate with this service. By default, this is 18080.
  • PID: The Unix/Linux Process ID.
  • Hostname: The DNS name of the server that is running the service.

To manage the HTTPD (Manager) Service: Click Start or Restart to perform these actions. Only currently available actions are displayed.