Managing the Milter (Policy) Service

The Milter (Policy) service is the core mail-processing service for PureMessage. It accepts messages from a mail transfer agent (MTA), processes them according to configured policies, and then passes the messages back to the MTA for delivery.

The Milter (Policy) service is always displayed in the Background Services table, along with its status and process ID. The number of milter processes are shown in the Details column. For additional information, click Milter (Policy) to view the Milter Status page, which also shows the number of threads, the port on which this service is running, and the Virtual Memory (VM) size of the top-level process.

The Milter Status page shows the following information in the Milter: Policy table:

  • Status: Whether the service is running.
  • Port: (with sendmail) The port number at which the Milter communicates with the Sendmail service.
  • SMTP Listen Port: (with Postfix) The port number at which the Milter service listens for connection requests.
  • SMTP Talk Port: (with Postfix) The port number used by the Milter service to communicate with Postfix.
  • Process Id: The Unix/Linux Process ID.
  • VM Size: The virtual memory size being used.
  • Threads: The number of available threads, if running in threaded mode (this may be blank).
  • Processes: The number of milter service processes that are running.

To manage the Milter service: Click Start, Restart, or Stop to perform these actions. Only currently available actions are displayed.