Managing the HTTPD (RPC/UI) Service

The HTTPD (RPC/UI) service provides the graphical user interface seen by end users of PureMessage and the Groups Web Interface. The HTTPD (RPC/UI) service only appears in the Background Services table if the option to enable both the End User Web Interface (EUWI) and the Groups Web Interface was selected during installation.

The EUWI provides individual user access to PureMessage mail-filtering features. End users can view and manage quarantined messages, manage user-specific whitelists and blacklists, and configure personal mail-filtering options.

The Groups Web interface allows a global administrator to delegate administrative responsibilities to "group" administrators based on groups/domains and/or roles. Delegated tasks can include quarantine management, reporting, list management and the configuration of certain policy settings.

The status, process ID, and the port number (by default, 28443) are shown in the Details column of the Background Services table.

For additional information, click HTTPD (RPC/UI) to view the HTTPD (RPC/UI): Status page, which also shows the hostname of the server that is running this service, the URL for the End User Web Interface, its health, and whether the service’s configuration is current.

The HTTPD (RPC/UI): Status page displays the following information in the RPC/UI Status table:

  • Status: Whether the service is running.
  • Summary: The PureMessage package name that provides this service and the port used to access it.
  • Servername: The fully-qualified domain name of the server running this service.
  • Url: The full URL used to access this service.
  • Ready: The readiness state of this service.
  • Config: Whether or not the configuration of this service is current.
  • Port: The port number used to communicate with this service. By default, this is 28080.
  • PID: The Unix/Linux Process ID.

To manage the HTTPD (RPC/UI) service: Click Start, Restart, or Stop to perform these actions. Only currently available actions are displayed.