Managing the SMTP (Sendmail) Service

The SMTP (Sendmail) service is one of the mail transfer agents (MTA) that PureMessage supports. The SMTP (Sendmail) service will only appear in the Background Services table if the version of sendmail distributed with PureMessage was enabled during installation.

The Background Services table shows the status and the process ID. It also indicates whether the service is configured (in the Details column). For additional information, click SMTP (Sendmail) to view the Sendmail Status page, which also shows sendmail’s state of readiness and the Virtual Memory (VM) size of the sendmail process.

The Local Services: Sendmail Status page displays the following information in the Sendmail table:

  • Status: Whether the service is running.
  • Process Id: The Unix/Linux Process ID.
  • Ready: The readiness state of the service.
  • VM Size: The virtual memory size being used.

To manage the SMTP (Sendmail) service: Click Start, Restart, or Stop to perform these actions. Only currently available actions are displayed.