Local Services Tab

The Local Services tab provides an interface for managing the network services and the scheduled jobs running on the local system. These services and scheduled jobs make up PureMessage’s main capabilities.

The Background Services table provides a list of the network services that are installed on the local system, as well as information about their status. The table contains controls to Start, Restart, and Stop these services. You can also click on the name of the service to view its status page. These per-service status pages show more detailed information on the selected services, and the sidebar on each page often contains additional links to configuration pages for that service.

The Scheduled Jobs table lists the regularly run commands that perform many of the jobs required to keep PureMessage running effectively. These jobs typically involve quarantine updates, quarantine digest generation and mailouts, and report data collection. The Scheduled Jobs table provides controls to add, modify enable, disable, or delete scheduled jobs.

The Local Services tab sidebar also provides access to a number of pages in where you can view global log files or set global configuration options.