Managing Publications

Publications are sets of configuration files on the central server that are distributed to remote PureMessage hosts (edge servers). Edge servers are subscribed to these publications on the central server. Multiple publications can be configured, each listing one or more configuration files. Edge servers can be subscribed to one or more publications. Existing publications are listed under the Publications heading on the sidebar of the Server Groups tab.

When PureMessage is installed, default publications are created that include configuration files associated with each major area of PureMessage functionality. For more information about these configuration files, refer to “Default Publications” in the Server Groups Management section of the Administrator’s Reference.

Settings that can be configured by end users via the End User Web Interface (EUWI) are not distributed via publications. The enduser_ui.conf file contains general configuration data for the EUWI, rather than specific preferences configured by individual users.

Note You must set the password for the rpcuser account on the Local Services: HTTPD (Manager): RPC User page of each remote host that you want to access before you can fully configure server group hosts.