Managing Anti-Spam Rules

PureMessage is distributed with a pre-configured set of anti-spam rules used to identify spam messages. Updates containing refined anti-spam heuristics are published frequently.

Rules are grouped together by function into feature groups. These groups are enabled or disabled from the Anti-Spam Options page. The individual rules are enabled or disabled on the Anti-Spam Rules page.

You can enable and disable existing rules, or create custom rules.

Note Sophos does not recommend adjusting anti-spam rules because they are automatically updated by SophosLabs on a regular basis. It is also advised that you consult with Sophos support before attempting to create any new anti-spam rules. If you are receiving false positives or false negatives, Sophos asks that you forward these messages to SophosLabs for our analysts to investigate. See “PureMessage Feedback” in the Contacting Sophos section for more information.